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Nagase was started in 1950 by Noboru Nagase as a machine manufacturer owing only one turning lathe. Since its foundation, Nagase, as a growing manufacturer of super-precision grinders and nano machines, has been dedicated to “customer-oriented service”, “originality and ingenuity” and “creative technology”. Nagase’s strength is development. Here is the history of Nagase.

* Head office and factory in 1960

Foundation – Company Establishment

During WWII, Noboru Nagase, founder, was a master turner at a munitions plant. After the war, he started machine assembly in a space under the eaves of his wife’s parent’s place. Due to increased demand because of the Korean War, he developed many innovative machines, leading to the creation of Nagase.

1950 Noboru Nagase, founder, started machine manufacture in Kikuchi-cho, Gifu

1951 Developed vertical sawing machine GN-360 (patented)

1952 Developed compact vise (ORIGIN)

1956 Developed fully automatic hydraulic horizontal saw machine (equipped with saw blade clamper)
* Founder awarded Medal with Yellow Ribbon
from the government for this development. 

1958 Developed hydraulic No. 2 vertical milling machine


Growth – Becoming a Machine Manufacturer

At the height of Japan’s economic boom, Nagase, incorporated in the late 1950s, expanded a reinforced concrete factory in Kagura-machi, Gifu. Around this time, the first hydraulic grinder was developed in response to market demands for inexpensive surface grinders increased. The following year when the Tokyo Olympic Games were held, a cutting tool grinder was developed, which is still manufactured today.

1958 Established Nagase Ironworks Co., Ltd.

1959 Moved head office and factory to Kagura-machi, Gifu
Exhibited milling machine at the 1st Chubu Industrial Machinery Exhibition

1961 Developed hydraulic surface grinder SGH-400 and shaping machine NS-700

1963 Developed automatic machine especially for water tap machining

1964 Developed hydraulic surface grinder SGH-600

1965 Developed automatic cutting tool grinder (for scissors and knives)


Development - Mass Production Based on Price Concept

The head office and factory was moved from Gifu to the current location. Located along the Mugi River upstream of the limpid Nagara River, the Nagase factory is blessed with expansive premises and clear water and air, which are indispensable for manufacturing accurate machines. This area is also a strategic point for transportation, and ensures smooth shipment of products to each destination. In this environment, we have been operating with the goals of manufacturing high quality products in a rational and timely manner.

1968 Established Mugegawa factory and transferred operations there
Developed manual forming grinder SGM-3

1969 Started production of large-size hydraulic surface grinders through technical collaboration

1971 Designed and manufactured a plant for foamed cement wall materials

1972 Developed screen printer (Screen 65)

1973 Developed saddle-type mighty shaping machines

1974 Moved head office to the current location in Mugegawa
Developed middle-size hydraulic surface grinder SGW-6
Developed hydraulic drawing press NP-150 for stainless steel materials

1975 Developed the factory environment specially for manufacturing precision machine tools (by making the factory premises more green/environmentally friendly)


Exploration - Development of Various Industrial Equipment

The Japanese economy was hit by significant business fluctuations due to the Nixon shock and oil shock in the 1970s. Nagase, which seemed to have enjoyed smooth sailing until then, was not an exception at that time. In the midst of overseas advance and production by major manufacturers, Nagase explored the best way to go while undertaking the development of various industrial machines.

1976 Developed fish meal plant

1977 Developed conveyor belt sushi machine

1978 Developed sushi dish washer
Developed Nori (dried seaweed) scraper

1979 Developed automatic hand-wrap sushi machine
Developed automatic shaver assembling machine and packaging machine
Developed 4-head automatic press (400 tons) for stainless steel materials


Transition - Morph into Super-Precision Machine Maker

This stage is referred to as the second beginning for Nagase.
With the aim of staying in Japan to offer premium machines to customers, Nagase began to develop super-precision machines with M. Yamaguchi, executive director (current supreme engineering advisor) and Yukiyasu Nagase (current president). A large number of technology elements used in the current machines were developed at this time.

1980 Started research and development of technologies for super-precision machines
Developed hydraulic press NP-75 for stainless steel materials

1981 Developed 50-ton/75-ton die spot press

1983 Developed automatic grinding wheel dynamic balance measurement unit “Balance Vector (R)”
Enlarged constant temperature room and clean room
Developed hydraulic surface grinder SGW-63/64

1984 Developed 3-axis static type super-precision surface grinder SGS-52
Developed CNC punch groove/punch automatic grinder
Completed surface grinder tact production system
Completed roller conveyor system

1985 Renovated technical center and control design room
Developed double column type fully automatic die polishing machine FP2010
Developed fully automatic surgical knife grinder
Developed fully automatic round tooth sharpening grinder

1986 Developed static grinder PROTO52
Developed low-vibration motor to mount on the machine
Started “nvac” brand
Developed 2-axis CNC spline grinder and Thompson die cutter automatic tooth sharpening continuous grinder, etc.

1987 Developed all axis hydrostatic super-precision CNC grinder SGU-52
Completed developing grinding wheel dynamic balance auto correction unit “Balance Doctor (R)”
Developed 5-axis CNC forming grinder SVG-5
Developed various tooth sharpening grinder for shavers, knives and perforation blades

1988 Developed high reciprocating grinding unit
Developed water-type “Balance Doctor (R)” in collaboration with Toyohashi University of Technology
Developed column-type surface forming grinder SGC-930S4N2
Developed 3-axis CNC integrated hob grinder

1989 Developed grinding system SGC-93 for grinding ceramics
Developed column-type grinder SGC-123 and 206
Developed spline grinder for long workpieces
Developed double column type large-size static forming grinder TLSM-2000

1990 Completed large-size precision assembly room
Developed all-axis static column-type super-precision grinder SGC-52S4N2
Developed CNC profile high-speed forming grinder
Developed right-angle grinder


The Decade Not Lost

In the 1990s when the use of personal computers and optical media started to become widespread, Nagase increased its customer base especially in the optical and semiconductor industries. At the start of development, super-precision grinders did not sell as expected but users gradually increased through steady operating activities to introduce the value of mirror finishing and high reciprocating grinding. In association with this, Nagase developed technologies for various machines and peripheral equipment, arranged in-house facilities and changed the production system.

1991 Changed the company name to Nagase Integrex Co., Ltd.

1992 Developed automatic correction unit/automatic general-purpose grinder SGM-52E2 and interactive NC grinder SGM-52HP2

1993 Developed titanium camera grinder and electrolytic correction grinder

1994 Developed high reciprocating grinder SHS-80
Developed rotary surface grinder RG-500
Developed high-rigidity slider SPG-150
Developed large-size worm grinder 1000GC
Developed double cup truer
Developed super-precision double column type grinder ORIGIN 6020 to install in-house

1997 Developed super-precision forming surface grinder SGC-104 for grinding with straightness of less than 1μm/m (for the first time in the industry)
Developed caliber roller fully automatic electrolytic grinder
Developed super-precision grinder with vertical indexing unit
Developed 7-axis CNC bevel gear grinder

1998 Installed laser interference roughness tester and non-contact shape measurement unit at the technical center
Developed high-speed cylindrical grinder
Renewed rotary grinder RG-500

1999 Enlarged the technical center to open it to the public as open laboratory
Developed pin support jig
Developed 5-face fully automatic grinder SGC-315R
Developed super-precision lapping machine PLM-610

2000 Developed super-precision grinder N2C-53U with resolution of 10nm
Developed arc truer
Developed compound grinder for machining bearing cases
Developed rocker arm automatic grinder


A Move to Large-Size Super-Precision Machining

It was the need for the development of large-size super-precision machines that lead Nagase’s development at the turn of the century. Early on, Nagase developed meter-size nano machines and super-precision grinders that allow ultra-mirror finishing and micro processing of optical films for LCD panels. Then, Nagase developed many double column multifunction grinders for accurate machining of large-size super-precision dies for motors and mechanical parts.

2001 Developed super-precision nano machine NIC-200 with resolution of 10nm
Developed improved version of Balance Vector/Doctor NB-3000
Developed motion copying and pressure copying compound control grinder NSF-350 (MPG)
Developed super-precision lapping machine PLM-1400
Cerebrated the 50th anniversary of foundation

2002 Developed super-precision forming machine NIC with resolution of 1nm
Developed super-precision indexing table
Developed super-precision gear grinder 1000GC
Enlarged super-precision machine assembly room
Developed large-size double column grinder ORIGIN-4023

2003 Completed spindle assembly room
Developed meter-size 1-nano resolution super-precision machine

2004 Developed large-size double column grinder ORIGIN-6025
Constructed Yume Kobo (Dream factory), current D wing and developed/installed super-precision large-size double column multifunction machine ORIGIN-10025

2005 Participated in the consortium for research and development business for local regeneration and developed super-precision large-size rotary table

2006 Built a new factory (current E wing) specially for large-size machine assembly and a factory (current F wing) specially for Nagase aerospace project
Started to develop ф1300 super-precision lens processing machine N2C-1300D

2006 Developed vertical high reciprocating grinder VHG series
Developed 1500mm-size super-precision micro profiling roll machine NIC-R

2007 Awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize of the 2nd Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award
Developed 4000mm-size super-precision surface forming grinder SGC-408S4-N3
Developed large-size turbine blade grinder
Developed super-precision forming surface grinder SGC-630S4-Zero 3

2008 Awarded the Corporate Excellence Prize of the Good Company Award
Developed super-precision multi profiler NGA-84
Developed high-rigidity precision surface forming grinder SGE-520BDL2-Zero3
Developed “3m x 1m”-size super-precision forming surface grinder SGC-3010
Developed 2000mm-size super-precision micro profiling roll machine NIC-R
Developed “12mm x 2.5m”-size large double column multifunction machine ORIGIN-12025

2009 Awarded the ND Marking Award
Newly built the wing C (factory specially for large machine assembly)
Developed touch sensor type on-the-machine measurement system
Held Incredible Concept Seminar and launched a new journal “Incredible Concept”

2010 Developed large-size super-precision grinder (force and position synchronized control grinder) NSF-800
Developed large-size double column (3.5m in width) grinder ORIGIN-10030
Developed super-precision hybrid scriber SPS-LR-150
Held Incredible Concept Seminar 2


To The Third Foundation

Today, Nagase is well known as a manufacturer of grinders that achieve the world highest flat surface and mirror surface machining, large-size super-precision grinders, double column multifunction grinders and nano machines. In 2012, we renewed major products by incorporating the latest technology. With the aim of offering outstanding value to our customers, we have been engaged in the development of new and creative technologies.

2011 Developed large-size jig grinder NJ-208
Developed new Balance Vector/Doctor NB-3012
Developed Smart Thermonics technology
Held the Nano Solution Fair 2011 and cost renovation seminar
Announced “Nano Surf Study 2011 – 2012” as a result of basic research of SiC wafer machining

2012 Developed super-precision surface forming grinder SGC-840α and 630α with on-the-machine high accuracy measurement function
Developed super-precision high reciprocating forming grinder SHSD--80α
Developed super-precision long workpiece high reciprocating forming grinder SHL-315 with on-the-machine CCD measurement function
Developed simultaneous 6-axis 1-nano control and super-precision 6-axis nano machine NIC-300α
Developed super-precision compact-size indexing unit SPI-01 with resolution of 1/10,000 deg
Developed straightness measurement unit TSM-01
Developed super-precision forming surface grinder SGC-428 with “4.2m x 0.8m” size horizontal axis
Announced "Nano Surf Study 2012– 2013" as a result of basic research of SiC wafer machining

2013 Built super-precision constant temperature factory (current G wing) and installed the latest double column multifunction machine ORIGIN-4020
Awarded the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Award of the Machine Design Award for super-precision high reciprocating grinder SHSD-80α with automatic workpiece change/reverse unit

2014 Held the Nano Solution Fair 2014
Developed simultaneous 6-axis sub-nano control and ultra-precision 6-axis nano machine NIC-300α
Developed ultra-precision surface and profile grinding machine SGC-215
Developed ultra-precision high reciprocating forming grinder SHS-20
Developed ultra-precision high reciprocating forming grinder ZGP-15
Developed straightness measurement unit SMU-01・02

2015 Developed ultra-precision coolant filtration, reforming, and supply system "BAKUSAKU (R)"
Developed ultra-precision surface and profile grinding machine SGC-94

2016 Developed ultra-precision surface and profile grinding machine SGC-630PREMIUM with 10nm resolution
Developed ultra-precision vertical type gear forming grinding machine NGC-300
Developed compact size ultra-precision rotary surface-grinding machine RG-200
Developed touch panel type simple control system "Neo"
Developed high-precision surface grinder SGE-520Neo3 as the first machine equipped with Neo
Developed double cup truer DCT-90P
Developed swing rotary dresser SDR-125
Developed the small rotary table unit SPR-200
Developed smart adaptive control system "TEKISAKU"

2017 Developed high-precision surface grinding machine SGE-52・63・64Neo
Awarded the 35 th Awards for Excellent New Technologies & Products by Small & Medium Enterprises "Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Commissioner Award" by ultra-precision surface and profile grinding machine SGC-630PREMIUM
Developed high precision surface grinding machine SGS-75

2018 Developed ultra-precision surface and grinding machine SGi-520a
Developed ultra-precision force and position synchronized control grinding machine NSF-440WS
Developed ultra-precision rotary surface grinding machine RG-500
Developed ultra-precision double column type surface grinding machine SGD-308・3010
Certified "Companies Driving Regional Growth"

2019 Added 208 and 2010 sizes to the lineup of SGD series


To Present

Nagase has contributed to manufacturing in a wide range of fields through ultra-precision machines.
In 2020, taking on the challenge of new innovation gathering the best of technological innovation so far.
Developed "IGTARP DESIGN" achieve unprecedented productivity improvement.
We will provide the one and only value for our customers so as further improve productivity.

2020 Developed ultra-precision aspheric processing machine NSL-200
Developed industry's first grinding support app "GRINDROIDⓇ"
Announced ultra-precision surface and profile grinding machine SGi-520a as the first machine of IGTARP DESIGN, ultra-precision double column type surface grinding machine SGD series as the second machine, ultra-precision aspheric processing machine NSL-200 as the third machine
Held "NAGASE Nano Solution Fair 2020"
Held online private show "NAGASE Nano Solution Fair 2020 Online"
Added 206, 306, 408,4010 sizes to the lineup of SGD series

2021 Awarded the 41st Awards for Japan Society for Precision Engineering Technology Award by ultra-precision surface and profile grinding machine SGi-520a and ultra-precision double column type grinding machine SGD series
Developed AI grinding surface monitoring system "GRIDE EYE"

2022 Added 2012, 3012, 4012, 4015 sizes to the lineup of SGD series
Developed high precision double column type surface grinding machine SGX-126・168B(S)L2D-Neo3
Developed ultra-precision double column type forming surface grinding machine SGX-104SLS2-Zero3
Developed simultaneous 6-axis control ultra-precision micro-grooving machine NIC-74

2023 Awarded the 53rd Awards for Innovative & Inventive Design Excellence Award "Japanese Society for the Science of Design Award" by high precision double column type surface grinding machine SGX-126・168B(S)L2D-Neo3

2024 Awarded the 66th Awards for Top 10 New Products Award "Monodzukuri Prize" by ultra precision double column type surface grinding machine SGD-3012・4012

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