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Private exhibit specifically for manufacturers of machinery, equipment and precision parts February 6 (Fri.),2015

Exhibit information in 2015
has been updated.

Nagase Integrex Co., Ltd. is planning to exhibit to the following shows from spring 2015. Please refer to the Scheduled exhibitions for details.
We are looking forward to your attendance.

ExhibitionScheduled exhibitions

NAGASE INTEGREX is planning to exhibit to the following shows in 2014.
We are looking forward to your attendance.


March 3 (Tue.) through 8 (Sun.), 2015
【Place】Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 3
【Booth No.】G0412

“Doterai-Ichi” Trade Fair in Gifu

March 7 (Sat.) through 8 (Sun.), 2015
【Place】 Gifu Industry Hall


March 10 (Tue.) through 14 (Sat.), 2015
【Booth No.】 Undecided

Chubu Machine-Tooled Exhibition

March 20 (Fri.) through 21 (Sat.), 2015
【Place】 Port Messe Nagoya


April 15 (Wed.) through 18 (Sat.), 2015
【Place】 Tokyo Big Sight
【Booth No.】 871

Machinery & Electronics Exhibition

Kanazawa 2015
May 14 (Thu.) through 16 (Sat.), 2015
【Place】Ishikawa Industrial Exhibition Hall 
【Booth No.】 Undecided

MECT 2015

October 21 (Wed.) through 24 (Sat.), 2015
【Place】 Port Messe Nagoya
【Booth No.】 Undecided

Seminars and lectures


●Scheduled seminars and lectures

There is no open seminar or lecture in the near future.

●Delivery seminars

Contents of past seminars and lectures are available for any user in Japan under the following conditions:
Min. number of participants: 3
Time required: About 80 min.
Fee: Free
For further information, contact Nagase Integrex Co., Ltd.
*Please contact Nagase Integrex for seminar request outside of Japan.

Possible subjects:
1. Enhanced functionality and long service
2. Enhanced accuracy and efficiency in machining of large and long workpieces
3. Grinding technology for thinning and flattening of compound semiconductors and minimizing of machining distortion
4. Support of trial manufacture and machining, using micro-processing machines in pursuit of “almost zero error”.
5. Nagase, a specialist of rotating and indexing technologies


Newspaper, magazines and internet Refer to the latest information released by the media

Press release

The latest products and technologies announced to the media can be checked.

Articles in the media

Nagase products and technologies introduced in newspaper, magazines and network media can be checked.

Technical information magazines

Contents of technical information magazines released twice a year for Premium Club members are introduced.


Nagase’s events and news are briefly introduced.

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